Live discussion: VIRUS  
Wednesday, 17 February, 4pm, online

Science Gallery Dublin, in partnership with the Mary Mulvihill Association, presents an exploration of the concept, Virus, from scientific, technical and cultural perspectives. 
‘Virus’ originated as a term for poison, but ‘going viral’ in social media has become something to be wished for.

As we struggle to deal with ‘The Virus’ that is dominating our lives, panelists from virology, computer science, media research and vaccine development will consider the diverse and shifting meanings of ‘virus’ and ‘viral’.

Joining the discussion will be:

Dr Anne Moore, virologist, University College Cork;
Dr Eileen Culloty, future media researcher, Dublin City University;
Dr David Malone, computer scientist, National University of Ireland – Maynooth;
Gary Finnegan, editor, Vaccines Today, Brussels.

The moderator will be science communication researcher Brian Trench, executive member of the Mary Mulvihill Association, which commemorates Mary Mulvihill (1959-2015), a pioneer of science communication. The association’s annual science media competition for students this year has the theme, Virus. 

Details on registering for this event will follow soon.

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