Mary Mulvihill Award 2022

Science Media Competition for Third Level Students
€2,000 Award for Best Work on the theme ‘Water’

The 2022 Mary Mulvihill Award winners were announced on 1st June at an award ceremony in the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Winning Entries

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About The Award


The Mary Mulvihill Award was established by the family and friends of the late Mary Mulvihill (1959–2015) to honour her memory and her work in science journalism, science communication and heritage and to promote her legacy.

The Mary Mulvihill Award of €2,000 is given for the entry to the annual competition that, in the judges’ view, best represents the curiosity, creativity and story-telling imagination that Mary Mulvihill showed in her work. Entry to the competition is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in an Irish higher education institution at the time of submission. Entries across all media platforms are welcome. Conditions of Entry

UCD Student wins 2022 Mary Mulvihill Award

15 Sep 2022

– Samantha Tobias, UCD, wins €2000 top prize in science media competition – Rodger Clery, UCD, receives €500 judges’ highly commended award – ‘Water’ the theme of the 2022 Mary Mulvihill Award     DUBLIN, 1 June, 2022—UCD student Samantha Tobias is the 2022 winner of the €2000 Mary Mulvihill Award, the science media competition… Read more »

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  • Mary Mulvihill
  • Mary Mulvihill, seen here snow trekking, encouraging us all to celebrate science for the love of it.

You walk over all this rock, and you never notice it, and you never learn from it, yet it has so much to say – it has history written in it, it is time captured in a kind of a capsule.

Mary Mulvihill

Introduction to a 1995 radio documentary, Pedals and Pebbles.

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Honouring Mary Mulvihill

Mary Mulvihill was a pioneering, outstanding exponent of science writing and broadcasting. She wrote and broadcast for a wide variety of media, on a vast range of science- and technology-related topics. Her work was marked by an insatiable curiosity about the natural world and the role of science in understanding it, and by a boundless imagination in telling stories about scientific explorations, both now and in the past.

The Mary Mulvihill Association has three strands of activity which represent the diversity and scope of Mary’s achievements and interests: