This page documents the privacy statement for The Mary Mulvihill Association.
Last updated: June 2018

Mary Mulvihill Association – Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

The Mary Mulvihill Association was formed in 2016 to commemorate the life and work of science writer and broadcaster Mary Mulvihill, who died after a short illness in June 2015. In the course of its work the Association collects personal information on its members and people interested in supporting its endeavours. This Statement outlines the basis on which any personal data collected from individuals by the Association, or provided to the Association, is processed.

2. Members and Supporters

The Mary Mulvihill Association collects and stores specific information about its members. This includes: name, postal address, email address, contact phone numbers and details of financial transactions between the Association and its members. From time-to-time the Association may collect and store specific personal information about individuals who support the work of the Association but who may not necessarily be members, e.g. donors, speakers at events, members of judging panels, invitees to events, award winners.

The information collected is used for the administration of the Association and to promote events run by the Association on behalf of its members. The Association’s mailing list is only used for events that are relevant to the Association. Emails sent to the Association’s mailing list advising of events include an instruction as to how an individual may unsubscribe from the list.

The data is stored in databases and is only accessed by specified officers of the Executive Committee for the conduct of the Association’s business. The Association’s mailing lists are stored in an encrypted form.

Financial data about members and supporters is not kept in hard copy. Once the relevant information has been transferred to the Association’s Internet Bank Account all associated hard copy records are destroyed.

Personal data is never shared with any other body or organisation unless such a body or organisation has been employed by the Association for a specific purpose, e.g. organisation of an event on its behalf. Third party organisations do not keep this information and it is only used for the purpose for which the Association contracts them. Personal information may be disclosed to a third party if the Association is under a duty to disclose or share personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation.

Once a person ceases to be a member of the Association, or requests that their personal information is no longer to be held by the Association, will have their personal information deleted from the Association’s current records. Names and contact details of members and of applicants to, and winners of, award may be archived by the Association for the historical record.

At some events, photographs are taken that may include people’s images and are published on the website. Where this occurs the Executive Committee offers the opportunity for those concerned to ask for their image to be removed and will comply with such request in a timely fashion.

3. Use of the Association’s website

All applications for awards are made on line via the Association’s website,, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the awards.

Individuals also subscribe to our email newsletter via the website.

The collection, storage, retention and removal of personal information on the Association’s website are governed by the Association’s Website Privacy Statement which can be viewed at

4. Individuals’ rights

Any individual who wishes to exercise their legal rights in relation to their personal data viz.:

    1. Do not want to be contacted by the Association in the future
    2. Would like a copy of the personal data held by the Association about them
    3. Would like the Association to correct, update or delete personal information on the Association’s records
    4. Wish to report any misuse of their personal data

is invited to contact the Secretary of the Association at

Approved by the Mary Mulvihill Association’s Executive Committee on 7 June 2018.