Ingenious Ireland

Ingenious Ireland - Book Cover

Ingenious Ireland – Book Cover

Published in 2002, and now a long time out-of-print, Ingenious Ireland – a county-by-county exploration of Irish mysteries and marvels is

“a book with an extraordinary scope and sweep, a sui generis publication. It combines the range and authority of an encyclopaedia with the intimacy that comes with a single authorial voice”,

as Cormac Sheridan put it in his commemorative essay on Mary.

“Each entry is written as a brief stand-alone article, but the whole is richly indexed and cross-referenced to capture the connections between the people, places and ideas the book covers.”

The Mary Mulvihill Association aims to secure re-publication of this indispensable source on Ireland’s scientific, industrial, geological, ecological and archaeological heritage.


Central to the maintenance of Mary’s legacy are the preservation and cataloguing of materials she left. These include cuttings, notes and other records relating to work that was published or broadcast, but also elements of work in progress. The Mary Mulvihill Association has had the materials indexed and they will shortly be made available as a resource for researchers and educators.