TCD student wins 2018 Mary Mulvihill Award

DUBLIN, 23 May 2018—Trinity College Dublin (TCD) environmental science student Katie Carbonara is the 2018 winner of the Mary Mulvihill Award, the science media competition for third level students that commemorates the legacy of science journalist and author Mary Mulvihill (1959–2015). Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, one of Ireland’s most respected living scientists, presented the award,… Read more »

Award Presenter Announced

Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who will present the Mary Mulvihill Award in May 2018, is one of the most prominent women in science in Britain and Ireland over the past quarter-century. Born in Northern Ireland, she read Physics at Glasgow University, and during her PhD studies in Cambridge was the first to identify a type of star known as pulsars; her supervisor was one of two people awarded the Nobel Prize in 1974 for this discovery.

Irene Fogarty – 2017 Mary Mulvihill Award Winner

Irene Fogarty, UCD heritage student, was winner of the first Mary Mulvihill Award at the National Library on May 18, 2017 for her essay on indigenous women and climate change. Her submission – Should we turn the tent: Inuit woman and climate change – concludes that “taking a lead from indigenous women, science knowledge honed… Read more »